Salvatore Abbruzzese

Salvatore Abbruzzese can TT extremely well, that he got 3rd in the recent Mengoni in a break he initiated (his third of the race) and that he always reminds us to race with fire in our bellies.

Mark Alden

Mark Alden lives with his wife and 2 daughters in Montvale NJ. Mark is an accomplished bike mechanic with almost 2 decades of experience. After years of riding/racing street and dirt motorcycles Mark switched to bicycles (around 1989) in search of more economical 2 wheeled fun. After doing the occasional race during the 90's Mark started to race steadily in 2000 and worked his way up to cat 2. Past wins include 2010 CRCA power points race, 2010 spring series (35+), 2009 CRCA power points race, 2009 Tokeneke RR (35+), 2009 Nancy Morgenstern Memorial (40+), 2008 Balloon Festival (30+/40+), 2005 Jockey Hollow Challenge (35+), 2004 North Stonington Classic (cat3), 2004 Unionvale RR (cat3) Other results include a 2nd at Unionvale 2008 (35+), 4th overall at the 2007 GMSR (30+), 2nd at Battenkill 2007 (30+), 2nd at Jiminy Peak 2007 (35+). Mark also occasionally makes some art

Joe Azze

Joe Azze hasn't allowed much to be known about himself except that he's a personal trainer for a living and racing at the pro level on a mountain bike. We were going to write more about Joe and make up ridiculous stories for his bio, but Joe's a nice guy so we'll just leave it at that.

Chris Brennan

Originally from NY, Chris has returned home after a 16yr stint in CO where he started racing bicycles in 2000. He currently holds a category 1 license and enjoys all types of racing and in the past has excelled in races of attrition and when the road goes up. Chris comes back to the sport after a 7 year hiatus and looks forward to getting familiar with the NYC racing scene.

Notable past results:

2013 Pete Senia Memorial Brooklyn, NY master men open 4th place.
2013 Hunter Mountain Fall Classic Road Race Cat 1/2/3/4 | Master | 40+ 1st place.
2005 Outside Magazine's Tour of the Gila Individual Time Trial | Pro/1 5th place.
2005 Excel Sports Boulder Stage Race Stage 2 Pro/1 5th place
2005 Excel Sports Boulder Stage Race Pro/1GC 4th overall
2004 Bob Cook Memorial Mt Evans Hill Climb Pro/1 5th place

Jason Brown

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Jason found his way to New York City via, a long stint Ski Racing and collage in Vermont. Currently running his own Entertainment Management Company and Co-Founder of the Occupational Safety start up business, VITA Products, Inc. his focus is never far from the long love affair he has with bike racing. Starting his bike racing career as a Jr. for the Philadelphia based team Bike Tech, when shift levers were still on the downtube, Jason has raced competitively all over the North East. Currently a “young guy” stuck in a slightly older guys’ body he continues to race, train and look for every opportunity remind anyone who will listen that he’s still racing with the young guys!

Jason joined the team for the 2013 season, and made such an impression in his initial year that he has now risen to become co-captain of the team.

Andy Collins

Andy Collins is back for his second year on the team, and is looking to build off of a strong 2009 which saw him earn a number of top 10s and stepping on the podium once taking 2nd place at the very hard Tour of High Bridge. Off the bike Andy is a very talented painter and shows at the the Marc Foxx Gallery in Los Angeles and the Corvi-Mora Gallery in London. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Ashley and their dog Lada.

Bryan Dobes

Bio to come...

Eddie Espitia

Eddie Espitia has been racing since 1995 and enjoys all aspects of racing. He has raced all over the country and world including races such as Superweek in Wisconsin, the Tour of Ohio and last year the Vuelta de Colombia Senior Master. He has won criteriums at the Tour of Ohio and hilly road races such as the Bear Mountain Spring Classic. Eddie has worked as an auditor in the past and is currently working as a hedge fund accountant. He rides to work a short 10-mile commute on a daily basis. His other interest includes mixing house music with his two turntables, and he also holds a private pilot license.

Tomi Ketcham

Tomi was recruited to the team in 2014 specifically to block the wind for Zach and Mike. At 6’3” 220 lbs, he is a sprinter and leadout man by default, but occasionally dabbles in the breaks. To pay for his arsenal of bikes, Tomi teaches high school math and art in a Brooklyn public school. When he isn’t working or riding, he prefers to sit on the couch, read, play video games, and illustrate his graphic novel.

Zach Koop

Zachary Koop is a bicycle mechanic at Cyclesport in Park Ridge NJ. He began road racing in 2008 and currently holds a USCF Cat 1 Road license. Zach also is a USCF licensed Cat 1 Mountain Bike Racer. Some recent road racing accomplishments are: 1st Place CRCA A Race, 2nd Place Cat 3 Harlem Skyscraper Classic, 2nd Place Cat 3 Tour of Somerville, 3rd Place Cat 3 Bound Brook Cycling Classic, 4th Place Cat 3 Tour of Colts Neck and 2nd Place P123 Lucarelli & Castaldi Prospect Park Race. Zach's strength on the bike is in the sprint. When Zach is not racing, training or commuting to work on his road bike he enjoys time on his BMX bike and in the ice rink playing hockey. Zach lives in Ridgefield Park NJ.

Ira Krell

Bio to come...

Paul Levis

Paul Levis currently lives in Briarcliff Manor, NY with his wife Bekki. He works as a financial planner at Summit Financial Consultants in Yonkers, NY. He first started participating in endurance sports in high school when he joined the track team. He ran the 400 meter, 800 meter, 1600 meter and Cross Country. He then went on to run track at Villanova University and was coached by Marcus O'Sullivan, three time World Indoor Championships gold medalist and member of Ireland's Olympic team. An unfortunate knee injury resulted in a premature end to his running career. Unable to run he turned to cycling to keep in shape. After one summer of riding he realized he missed the competition he enjoyed when running track. He fell in love with the speeds and tactics that racing entails. He currently holds a USCF Category 2 license and a level 3 coaching license. His strengths on the bike include climbing and time trials.

Jason Parkin

Jason Parkin is the President & CCO of Compose(d), a digital creative agency based in NYC that specializes in digital marketing for lifestyle and luxury brands. A Cat 3 on the road and cyclocross, Jason's most-recent results include a top 10 in one of his favorite races, the Tour of High Bridge, but in the past few years has enjoyed playing a supporting role in local races.

In the off-season, Jason plays in two NYC ice hockey leagues and as of 2010, has started short-track speed skating. He lives in the antithesis of hip neighborhoods, the Upper East Side, with his wife Nicky, and still misses his dog Jasper.

Brendan Pearce

Brendan is a full time student finishing up a “Sales/Marketing “degree. When he’s not at school he is on the bike training or working at one of your local Starbucks. The 2011 season was his first season as a Cat 3. There were not podiums this season but he had a multiple top 10’s his home town Rock Leigh Crit. He is really looking forward to the 2012 season to put up some big results.

Thomas Pennell

Thomas Pennell manages Pennell Venture Partners, a venture capital firm. Thomas started racing bikes in 2000. Results in the last year include podium finishes in the Spring Bear Mountain 40+ race as well as in the Bermuda Grand Prix 40+ road race, criterium and GC. Prior results he is likely to recall in times of poor form include a 4th in the Cat 3 Green Mountain Stage Race GC; 2nd place finishes at the Cat 3 Bear Mountain, 40+ Coupe des Ameriques road race, and masters Pete Senia race (the latter taking place the day after the far more significant birth of son Reed—yes, thank you Stephanie); as well as a solo road race win and GC win at the Bermuda Grand Prix. Thomas leaves to his teammates the squabbling over who has the best looks, quickest wit and greatest ability to exaggerate accomplishments.

John Raheb

Bio to come...

Dan Wilson

A former collegiate swimmer, Dan began road racing in 2004 eventually earning his Cat1 during the 2007 season with Alliance Environmental. Dan finished out 2007 racing a full calendar of cyclocross in the UCI elite P/1/2 fields. As a reward for all his hard work, he suffered a torn achilles tendon after the first few races of the 2008 season which put him out of commission for 8 months. After much rehab and frustration coupled with a fantastic doping program, Dan returned to racing in 2009, racing as many P/1/2 races as he could find including the Tour of Belize resulting in several top 10 finishes which include top 3 at Turkey Hill, a few Master's wins, and the Delaware state crit champion (not too hard considering there were only 2 other Cat1/2's in the state). After 2010 Dan decided to take some time off to court his wife and compete in the local charity-run circuit. After winning the Breast Cancer 5K and tallying up several podiums including the Delaware Special Olympics Reindeer Run, Dan decided to sign up for the NYC marathon in 2012. After hours of training and a couple of sub 1:18:00 half marathons, NYC was cancelled. The disappointment of the cancellation coupled with the realization that he would have to apply for a loan every time he wanted to enter a triathlon, influenced Dan to get back into racing bikes. After begging for a team spot at the base of the GW bridge, Dan was finally offered a spot on the Blue Ribbon - Translations team. "They are a great group of fun guys who I really look forward to racing with.......once I get my frame back from warranty." Dan's specialty is riding in breaks preferably during road races as he is not a big fan of crits, since he sprints about as fast as a legless Usain Bolt. When Dan is not on his bike, he is usually training for the Boston marathon, trail running with his dog (Baxter) and his wife (Maggie), or selling parts to the local bike shops through his job at Action Bicycle.

Mike Zak

Raised in a rural town called Mobile, Alabama, Mike is a bike racer who enjoys all aspects of life. He rides his bike to smell the roses, feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins and challenge himself to the next limit - only to shatter that one too. Bowen...oh wait, that's Michael Bowen.

Michael ZAK, however, is a NJ-native. Michael is strong - that's not a widely-accepted opinion. It's a fact. Mike's watts are enough during any given race to power a small village for a week. During Mike's free time, which is extremely rare, he rides with underprivileged aspiring bike racers to give them a taste of the glory. True story. Another feat Michael often achieves is making others feel inferior. In a race recently, after riding away from the field to win solo off the front, Edwin Bull complemented Mike as being "the most phenomenal bike racer I've ever had the privilege to share the road with. The very fact that I was in the same bike race as him has elevated my racing to a level that, before tonight, I imagined unattainable. I will forever be grateful to him for allowing me to congratulate him on his INCREDIBLY strong racing and amazing skills, and I will probably never wash this kit."

I paraphrased of course, it's difficult to remember the exact exchange of words, but they were along those lines - you can be sure of it. But if you were to ask Michael about any of this, he would deny it. He would deny all of it - the strength, the charity, the acts of kindness, the admiration from the influential names in our great sport - and he would chalk it all up to hard work. Hard work, aye, and devilish good looks. So don't ask him. Just walk right up to him, shake his hand, look him dead in the eyes, and say the two words that infants the world over were raised knowing, in the hopes of one day being able to meet Michael: Thank You.