Blue Ribbon Cycling | Elite Bicycle Racing Team New York City
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Results / 19.04.2018

Blue Ribbon's newest addition to the team is a Brooklyn-native Ben Gorodetsky. True to form, Ben was bursting at the seams with energy and hopefulness when he came aboard. Only 6 weeks into his first season with the team, Ben landed himself on his first podium and, this past Thursday night, attacked in the second lap of his race to open up a gigantic 4 minute gap on the chasing field in very harsh and windy conditions. In Ben's field, the Thursday night series at Floyd Bennet Field awards...

Races / 01.01.2018

Camie Kornely is an experienced racer based out of New Jersey who took on UCI Masters World Track Championships with her sights set not on medals, but on being the best version of herself she could be - and riding faster than she had before. When I first planned my trip to Los Angeles for the UCI Masters World Championships, I forged ahead with complete certainty — I booked the flights, reserved the AirBnB, and the car without a second of doubt. Now, seven months later and stepping off...

News / 03.05.2016

Zach Koop was more than the perfect teammate, he was an inspiration to all. He was a gentle soul who treated everyone with compassion, grace and fairness. Zach was never a man of many words, but always a leader in action. Always even keeled. Constantly smiling and embracing every moment. Loving and loyal. Selfless. Humble in victory. Gracious in defeat. He cherished life, friends and family. He lived the same way he raced. Full of fire. Full of joy. Full of panache. And with a mischievous grin originating from...