Caliente Columbian!

Eddie Espitia just won his 4th, yes, fourth race of the WEEK today in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Espitia made it into the winning move and beat the group to the line just as a charging field approaching. The win comes after taking a solo flyer to with the Tuesday night Floyd Bennett Field race earlier in the week and winning the 40+ Individual Time Trial at Harriman State Park last Sunday, and the Team Time Trial at the same race.

Teammate Paul Levis also joined in the win in the Team Time Trial and Paul also won the P/1/2/3 ITT as well. This is by far not only best start, but mid-season for the team since it’s inception, and look for the results to keep coming in as the summer racing heats up.

John wins TWO in one night!

Team newcomer John Raheb, has been racking up the palmares this year, but never in such a spectacular fashion as this past Tuesday at the South Mountain Training Series in New Jersey. First in the 35+ race, John soloed away from the field and stuck it to take the win unchallenged! Immediately afterwards, he lined up for the 1/2/3 race, where he was with what was left of the front group until the very end where he won the race from a field sprint. John has had a few podiums already this season, but hadn’t reached the top step yet. He adds a very welcome and new dimension to the team, and expect to see plenty more of his name as the season rolls along.

Win Number Two!!

The team is continuing it’s good run and brought home it’s second win of the still early season on Sunday. Five riders set out to stop the dominance of Gary Steinberg and his Global team at the Spring Series race (35+) in Central Park. The plan was to work over the sprinters teams by attacking from the start and to try and get a break going. Thomas Pennell started the action and got in a move about 1mi. into the race. Going into Harlem Hill a few miles later there were 2 groups up the road with Thomas in the 1st one.

However, Global had their strongest sprinter in the move so Mark Alden attacked and bridged straight through the 2nd group into the 1st group on Harlem Hill. The field chased hard and things came back together shortly thereafter. The peleton was already feeling the efforts so Eddie Espitia countered and flew up the road with 2 riders from Axis and one from BH / Luis Garneau and no Global riders. With 4-1/2 laps to go and no Global or Deno’s rider present in the break it seemed that the move would be short lived. However, with 2 to go they were still out of sight and Global and Deno’s went into panic mode and started to chase hard. With 3k to go the break was in sight and with 1k to go they were caught.

Eddies break was over but the damage had been done and Global’s lead out was tired and in disarray. Alden was then perfectly positioned in about 5th wheel going into the finish with Steinberg on his wheel. He knew he had to go early so that Gary couldn’t use his short explosive power and he could use his ability to do a long uphill acceleration. Steinberg tried to come around, but he stayed about 1/2 wheel length behind all the way to the line where Alden rose his fist in victory. Xavier Melendez also managed a strong finish taking 5th place as icing on the cake.


Paul, Sal, and Eddie drove down to race FBF yesterday and Sal, Thomas, and Eddie did the 40+ race. FBF because is great because it’s always windy, and a hard race because of it. Brooklyn
Velo Force and Deno’s Wonder Wheels were the teams to watch, and it was 12 laps at 2.2 miles a lap. From the gun, Sal took the first flyer right into the head wind followed by Thomas, and the team kept trading attacks. Right before the 8th lap, Eddie countered with 4 to go, and was off alone hoping someone would join him. The laps ticked down though and nobody came to help, and nobody caught him either. A chase group containing teammate Thomas Pennell formed behind, but never came within 30 secs. of Eddie, allowing Thomas to stay fresh enough to out-sprint his rivals and take second making it a 1/2 for the team.

It was an excellent day for the team as everyone got some hard racing in their legs.