Final Spring Series Race

The team was in action again this weekend in Prospect Park, this time with Mark Alden, Thomas Pennell, and Jason Parkin, to contest the last NYC spring series race of the season. The team was heavily out gunned with Brauer having their usual 10+ guys and Axis with about 7 guys. Thomas and Mark had to try to cover every move and the attacks started from the 1st lap and never relented. Finally, with 5 laps to go Alden could sense that guys were starting to suffer so he put in a huge acceleration on the climb. Head down looking under my elbow as I attacked I could see the peleton exploding behind him. At that point he thought to himself “Oh yeah I’m starting to feel like myself again!”. Over the top there were a few groups of 3 or so guys and on the downhill it eventually became a 10 man group. The field was shattered and gone. With about 2 laps to go a Rapha guy attacked with Gerry Martinez from Brauer. Alden’s fitness is coming along nicely but he didn’t have enough to go with that move. In the end those 2 guys stayed away and he timed my sprint perfectly and beat what was left of the lead group to take 3rd; another podium.

First Podium of 2011

Mark Alden took the team’s first podium of the season taking 3rd in the 35+ Master’s race in Central Park today; part of the New York City Spring Series. The race, typical of many Spring Series races, became somewhat chaotic as three different fields became one large group on the course. The large mass of riders made for bedlam of racing, which prohibited any sort of established breakaway, or attempts given all of the confusion, but when all was said and done it came down to a field sprint. Once the Master’s racers were finally left to their own devices (having one more lap than the other fields) the race became fast and furious, but in such a short distance everyone was together at the finish, and Alden showed that he still has some jump from last year to finish the race off nicely.